Downton Abbey…

Hi hello! It’s midnight here and I just wanted to pop in on my “blog” and make a quick update… I’ve been on quite the emotional roller coaster this past weekend so I didn’t get to make progress in Blender or even have the motivation to post my photos from my recent trip to Las Vegas, but, instead, I made significant progress in the number of episodes of Downton Abbey I’ve watched. I started watching the series I think only last week and, as of today, I’m on season five out of six haha yikes. I have a horrible habit of binge watching…

In all honesty, I thought the show was called DOWNTOWN Abbey haha but after watching the first episode I quickly realized my mistake. I also┬ádidn’t think at all that I would enjoy watching this show as much as I came to! I mean five seasons in a week is a pretty big indication that I like the show haha

If you don’t know, Downton Abbey follows the life and struggles of the Crawley family in the early 1900s. I’m a huge lover of time period series because I like to compare and contrast their societies to ours now. I like to observe the fashion trends, their lifestyles, the differences between upper and lower classes, the treatment of women, the courting/romancing and the vernacular of that time period. Downton Abbey really allows me to explore that and see the transition of┬ápolitical ideas from monarchy to republicanism and how people struggled to get to the type of government they now have. It’s interesting to see how the females of high society, who were expected to act very conservatively, slowly face and transition into a time, after war, where the social barriers between the upper and lower classes were being broken down and assimilated into one another, the roaring 20s. The clash of the older and younger generations as technologies advanced, ideas became more liberal, and the “traditional” way of behaving became something of the past.

The only other time period shows I watch are Reign (I know, not technically a 100% historically accurate show but I love the drama) and Medici Masters of Florence (love me some Richard Madden). If you have any suggestions on shows or movies I should try out, let me know please!

Next post will definitely be more visual and fun cause I’ll be posting my photos from Las Vegasssss! ^_^


Blender Day 1


Coffee Cup Tutorial

Kicking off my “Create something everyday” initiative with a rendered coffee cup in Blender. Today was my second sit down using Blender. The first time was two weeks ago when I familiarized myself with the interface and the hotkeys. Then today was the second time I opened up the software and decided to ditch the LYNDA tutorials and just search for what looked fun to create on YouTube. I picked the coffee cup tutorial because I wanted to practice with forming and manipulating basic shapes and a little use of material and lighting.

The tutorial was an hour or so long but it took me twice as long to finally achieve this final image because I had to keep pausing in between steps since I’m still unfamiliar with the methods on navigating through the viewport of the software. It was frustrating at first but I think with a more tutorials I’ll finally be able to navigate easily. It’s so different from Adobe interfaces.

Oh and I cancelled my LYNDA account ($35/month) that I’ve been using since October 2016 because I’ve maybe only used the account ten times in the past 4 months :/ soooo definitely I was wasting my money on it. LYNDA is an amazing online learning platform buuuut it just wasn’t the platform for me. Their tutorials take you through from the basics to expert and me being myself…I like to jump in and learn along the way…so finding tutorials on YouTube with an end output is what works best for me.

So here’s to learning Blender and finally starting my New Year’s resolution to “do things”.


Hello 2017

Hi! So I’m starting this blogging thing. I’m not going to talk about things I do everyday necessarily…the point of this is to really get my thoughts out there…just on random things. I watch a lot of television and movies so I wanted to create a space where I can just write about what I think about the things I watch. I also wanted to keep track of the goals I set for myself this year (yeah, I know it’s like Jan. 25 and I’m starting my year just now lol).

This year I have promised to myself to watch more documentaries, write about what I watch, make more art and post them on social media (yikes!), teach myself animation and VFX, and possibly teach myself how to play the ukelele. Oh and read at least 2 books a month (most people set themselves at 100 books in one year but ima be realistic with myself, two a month is already an achievement for me) There’s alot of things I want to do as you can see, but I have a lot of time on my hands (as I am a recent graduate who cannot get a job) and need to find the motivation to actually make something of my free time.

So yeah this blog of sorts is gonna be a progress report of what I’ve been doing…